Karen Hoblock

Karen HoblockIt has been a great privilege to spend my entire career working for the Center for Disability Services.  In my 35+ years, I have had the pleasure to watch hundreds of children with special needs graduate from the Langan School and then attend the wonderful adult programs provided by the Center. I have seen children and adults enjoy the great outdoors at Clover Patch Camp, a one of a kind outdoor adventure for the individuals the Center serves.  I have seen hundreds more transition to a more independent lifestyle in a Center residence, many for the first time in their lives.  There was seldom a moment when there was not a Center bus rolling past my window.  And I witnessed daily a busy Center Health Care Clinic where the halls were crowded with patients who relied on the Center for health and dental care.  I am so grateful that, as I carry out my Estate Planning, I will have the means to help insure that the Center for Disability Services prospers in the years to come.  I am thrilled to make this gesture on behalf of all of my friends at this wonderful organization, both those who receive the Center's programs and services and my many friends who remain there delivering this quality care every day.

—Karen Hoblock