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Donna Lamkin

Donna Lamkin My daughter Lauren is one of my greatest sources of joy, and I treasure the wonderful years and the fun that we have had together; however, the need to secure Lauren’s future beyond my own lifetime is, of course, a much more serious issue. Lauren has thrived in no small part due to the wonderful people at the Center for Disability Services--the Residential staff who help her to live safely and more independently, her staff in the Center’s Day Hab Program who provide her with meaningful and enjoyable activity, her service coordinator who helps ensure she has access to the services and supports she wants and needs, and the expert professionals at Center Health Care who address many of her medical needs. I have no doubt as to the Center’s ability to care for Lauren and to ensure her happiness after I am gone, and I am certain that the families of the thousands of other individuals that the Center serves share my sentiments. This is one of many reasons why I chose to work at this exemplary organization for the better part of my adult life; but, I am also acutely aware that the Center for Disability Services’ mission to provide these programs and services requires reliable financial resources. That is why I am doing my part, by making provisions in my own will, that will allow me both to secure Lauren’s future and benefit those many other individuals whose family members need the Center’s breadth and depth of services to be strong long after they are gone and can no longer provide for their loved one.

—Donna Lamkin

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